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Survey Online Intuitive Tool

Published 05/29/2012 and rated Ratingstars5 5 out of 5 stars
by Dorothy Distefano
What can you use the app for?

Murvey is a cloud-based application for creating and managing surveys online.

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What is the history and popularity of the app?

A search for Murvey yields no results, except limited traffic data. Initiating in August of 2011, unique traffic spiked to 887 and then dramatically dropped to under 30 by December of 2011. There is no data available after that date. In the terms and conditions, it is stated that this is an app in the very early stages of development. They do not guarantee that account or survey data will be stored permanently, but this will be remedied in the future. The site is still in beta.

What are the differences to other apps?

This app is only available via its website and the Chrome store. A nice attribute is the ability to preview the survey as you create it.

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How does the web app look and feel to use?

The interface is very simple. The user is presented with a dashboard that displays stored surveys at the top, and two boxes at the bottom. The left box is for the user to create the survey, the right is the preview of how the survey will appear when complete. The top box may be minimized, which is useful when no surveys are stored yet.

The first step is entering the name of the survey. Next, the user adds a heading. The heading shows up in the preview screen, in a large font, as it is being entered. A survey introduction is then added to the panel in smaller typeface. The question text is the next element to be added. Users may add an area for survey takers to free write a response. The user may put a label on the box, such as "explain your answer". There is an option for a validation message, with the choice of 0 or 1 and a space for the user to present the message, but it is not explained what this is or what it means.

More than one question may be added to each survey. An optional thank you note may be added to the survey.

Once, finished, the user chooses the appearance from the Preview section. There are 5 color themes to choose from, with slight font changes in some of them. Once finished, the user indicates that the survey should be saved.

The Publish tab indicates the start and stop dates for the survey as well as a custom URL to access the survey directly. The URL has a handy test option so that the user can be certain that the link works correctly. It seems the survey must run at least one day. Attempts to run the survey for only a few hours ended with a message that the survey had ended. The user may also use tags provided in this section. They are html for inserting a link into a web page, html and javascript for putting a link on the user's webpage that opens the survey in a popup window, and a tag to embed the entire survey into the website itself. Another option in this section also provides popup script and the option to add a survey greeting heading prior to the popup.

Per the initial screen, if a user logs in with Facebook, they may post the survey directly and quickly to the social network. Otherwise, copying and pasting the survey URL to FB is easy to do.

Responses are viewable in a simple pie chart or bar graph and the user may review the responses for any comments if that option was made available to the survey group.

This is a very fast, easy, intuitive app to use to quickly make a survey to use in social media or on websites.

How does the registration process work?

Users may log in with Facebook or create an account by providing an email address and password. An email activation link is sent to the provided email.

What does it cost to use the application?

Right now, the app is completely free to use. In the terms of service, premium fee-based services are mentioned, but none are available at the time of review.

Who would you recommend the application to?

This app could easily be used by many people. It is very easy and versatile. No instructions necessary as it is entirely intuitive. Examples of people who could use this app: Book clubs for voting on the next book choice; students doing research and requiring opinions; website owners wishing specific feedback from followers; kids creating surveys just for fun; even businesses could conduct surveys of customer responses. The interface is so simple, it looks professional enough for business, but can be used by anyone.

  • Free to use
  • Intuitive interface - no instructions necessary
  • 5 themes
  • All themes simple and professional
  • Responses in graph for easy visualization of results
  • Custom tags and URL provided for surveys

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